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Thomas C. Baggaley is a composer of music for film, television, video games and other media. He is also the founder of Quest Haven Publishing and the Living Composers Catalog (a reference site about today's classically trained composers), executive director and lead composer for Elacor (the electro-acoustic orchestra) and associate professor of music at Salt Lake Community College in Utah.

Recent News: Coming Soon...

Healing Showers: Music for a Rainy Evening - Thomas's next CD release, in stores soon!

Thomas to provide music for production of King Lear - Thomas will be providing incidental music (including some film-style underscoring) for SLCC's upcoming production of William Shakespeare's King Lear. The play is being directed by Frank Gerrish and will open the first week of November 2007, running for three weeks in SLCC's Black Box Theater.

Thomas hired as full-time instructor at Salt Lake Community College - Thomas has been hired as a full-time instructor by Salt Lake Community College beginning with Fall Semester 2006. He will teach theory, composition and music technology courses, developing new media music/recording arts curriculum for the college to go along with their newly expanded music computer lab and the proposed Digital Media Arts building to be built at the South City campus. While these tasks keep Thomas pretty busy, he will continue to pursue, as he puts it, "the right kind of film opportunities" since he intends to be involved in scoring films throughout his career as a composer.

Dr. Thomas - In March 2004, Thomas advanced to candidacy for a Ph.D. in music from UCLA. He is currently hard at work on his dissertation which involves a tone poem for orchestra (working title: The Scrolls of Qumran - referring to the Dead Sea Scrolls) and a monograph analyzing the orchestration of Joseph Schwantner's A Sudden Rainbow.

Latest Releases

Mariah's Prayer - A film written and directed by John Lyde. Music by Thomas. Mariah's older sisters have always teased her about the monster under the bed. If she ever falls asleep with her foot hanging off the bed, the monster under the bed will come and take her foot away. With the help of her grandma and grandpa, she discovers that she can overcome her bedtime fears through prayer. Now available on DVD.

Unfolding - An award-winning film by director Christian Vuissa. Music by Thomas. About a teenager named Lila (Kristen Hill) who finds a connection with her father (Kenneth Norris), despite the fact that as long as she can remember he has suffered from a mental disease (probably early onset Alzheimer's) which leaves him seemingly healthy on the outside but essentially unresponsive to his surroundings and incapable of talking to anybody. Lila has long since given up on visiting her father in the institution where he lives. But when looking for an old record player in her attic, Lila discovers a cache of artwork, poetry, home movies and photographs that belonged to her father. In a powerful and evocative scene, these physical objects from times past draw Lila into the life of her father as he was in times past: an artist, a writer, an immigrant from Europe, a young man in love with Lila's mother. The experience is a shocking revelation to Lila, and prompts her to visit her father for the first time in years. Now available on video and DVD.

The Book of Mormon Movie, Vol. 1: The Journey - Music by Robert C. Bowden, orchestrations by Thomas (and others), recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic. Based on the story told in the book of 1st Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Now available on video and DVD. Soundtrack recording also available.

Spirit of the Sabbath: Music that Uplifts and Inspires - One of Thomas's early forays into commercial CD production. Reviewers have called it a "stunningly original and eclectic album of Sabbath-appropriate music."

Read some of Thomas's film reviews and other film-related articles at Meridian Magazine.

Thomas is looking for collaborators to help develop a live multimedia experience featuring music from his upcoming CD release "Healing Showers: Music for a Rainy Evening." The show, which will also be titled "Healing Showers," is planned to be performed in a variety of venues throughout the Western United States (and possibly other parts of the country as well). It will feature a unique combination of dance, theater, film and music in which the various forms of performance art interact seamlessly with each other in powerful new ways, creating a unique and emotionally fulfilling experience no one will want to miss.

Come be a part of this cutting-edge performance! Interested choreographers, stage designers, filmmakers, dancers, actors and musicians are encouraged to contact Thomas directly at for more information.

If you are involved with or know of a venue that might be interested in hosting the show, the show's coordinators would love to hear from you. Please write to .

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