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If a tree falls down in the forest and nobody hears, is there a sound? If Mozart wrote a symphony and no one ever heard it, is it music? Okay, we're not going to get into the philosophical and psychological issues of all of this, but as far as we are concerned, if no one hears Thomas's work, there is no music. Those devoted listeners who spend the time and money for Thomas's CD's and attend his concerts are the most important people we deal with, and so we have devoted a large portion of our web site to support and provide information to you - our friends. Because without you, none of this is possible.

The first thing to do is to sign up for our friends mailing list. Those who have signed up are the first to know about new recording releases and to receive announcements about films that Thomas will be working on. You will also receive news and updates about CD signing opportunities, performances and other events where you can enjoy Thomas's music.

Then, we have a lot of other things planned for this section, such as sneak peaks at tracks for future CD's, so check in occasionally to see what we've added. (For major additions, we'll be sure to let you know through our mailing list, of course.)

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